Top 10 soft skills which can help you crack your interview

Soft skills are intangible skills; skills that set aside a candidate from all the others. Soft-skills training involves a closer look at some of the general traits and disposition of a candidate and fostering those personality traits that would make them successful in the workplace.

  1. Communication

Communication, be it written or verbal is by far the most important soft skill that can help you sail through not just an interview; but life itself. You need to be precise and clear. A good communicator is also a good listener.

  1. Problem solving skill

Being able to overcome hurdles and focus on moving towards a solution is a key trait of a good leader. Conflict resolution, assertion and persuasion are essential for a good team leader.

  1. Self-Motivation

A self- motivated employee usually is a quick learner and requires lesser supervision.

  1. Time Management

Jobs come with demanding deadlines and pressure to perform. You need to assess your tasks and plan your time accordingly.

  1. Confidence

The way a candidate carries himself, talks and deals with questions during an interview gives a fair idea as to his confidence levels. It is a reflection of an individual’s self-worth.

  1. Open minded approach

Being open to new ideas, new thoughts and new ways of doing things is a sign of a good leader.

  1. Body language

A confident stance is reflected in your body language. Shake hands with a firm handshake. You should exude positive self-image and not arrogance.

  1. Humor

 A sense of humor can carry you through any situation in life. It can lighten a stressful day and break the ice with new members at work too.

  1. Networking

Being able to get along with a varied set of people is a vital life skill. Your EQ or emotional quotient is the ability to empathize and support your colleagues.

  1. Work life balance

Time management is essential for work-life balance. During a soft-skills course, a trainer can help you list down your tasks, schedule them and multi-task between various demands.

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