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About Us


Master Your Skills with EduSmart Skills!
EduSmart Skills is an online platform where both the teacher and student come face to face online to enhance specific skill or achieve personal goals.


The idea of EduSmart Skills crept into the Founder Nidhi Goel’s mind while she was struggling to find a trustworthy and qualified institute for her elder son to learn certain skills. Throughout her Information Technology (IT) career, she had witnessed countless times when she was seeking help to enhance a very specific skill which no one was willing to teach or train her on. She often met colleagues and other professionals struggling with the same.
EduSmart Skills is a result of these minor challenges that Nidhi faced time and again.


Our vision is to help people of all ages attain skillset in their desired domain.


We strive to digitalize and transform the education system by bringing all the possible educational services online which can help people save time and cost.


At EduSmart Skills, we are a firm believer that education is a mode of inspiring someone’s mind and designing his/her soul. We have kept in mind whether you’re five or ninety five years old, our platform has a lot to offer in terms of education. From Soft skills to Graphic designing, excellent education awaits here for you.
We are focusing on transitioning the current educational trends into convenient modes of learning for the people who have longing to learn.

“EduSmart Skills' online education is your door to the future”